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Lavish Lippies In-depth Reviews

Lavish Lippies In-depth Reviews

Mary Kim says…

I am in LOVE with my liquid to matte lipstick one of the new items under Lavish Cosmetics by my friend, my sis Lilly Richards. OMG…It glides on like butter and then dries instantly without drying the lips whatsoever. The lipstick is Deeply moisturizing, very hydrating, all day wear, no smudges, kiss proof, highly pigmented, vegan, gluten free, FDA aproved and Made in America. 

The packaging is very classy and looks like something I would buy from Neiman Marcus beauty counter. Last but not least, Lilly has a beautiful thank you card that genuinely brings the entire purchase together!

KWITU, this is the cosmetic line you’ve been waiting, and I assure you that you will not be disappointed. Please stay tuned for the official launch of Lavish Cosmetics by Lilly Richards which will contain lipsticks and other amazing items 😍😍😍. In the meantime, please pre-order your lipstick by sliding into Lilly’s DM and she’ll take care of you. Simply grab your color from my pics and Lil will situate you 😍.

Lavish Cosmetics got you covered with everything you need to make you even more beautiful 💙






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